[iOS] Prestage Sequential Naming Scheme

Contributor III

I was just asked by another Casper admin here if there was any way to set it so that every device in a prestage fits a naming scheme like ABC-DE-#. I believe they're looking to use multiple different prestages to set the various departments, location, and name. Their current approach is using a pre-filled list of names, but they're also going to adding something like 600 iPads near future. That's a lot of individual nearly identical names to be filling in by hand. There's got to be a better way to handle that, but I couldn't find anything in my testing or Googling.

Is it possible to put something like "ABC-DE-%COUNT%" in a Prestage Enrollment? The closest I'm seeing is using the serial number and adding "ABC-DE-" as a prefix, but that makes the naming convention super long.