IOS Safari "Restricted Site" messages

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On our student iPads we are having messages pop-up in IOS Safari saying "You cannot browse this page at 'fill in the blank' because it is restricted." So far they have been blocked by a Google form and a link inside Google doc to a BuzzFeed article. Works fine on another devices that students use.

I have a "fake student" account and iPad for testing that shows the same behavior. I removed the config profile on my testing iPad with all the restrictions.
No difference.

I switched to a wifi hotspot with no filtering to see if there might have a filter in between, no difference.

So, what or who is causing the restriction? Any thoughts?


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what config profile did you remove? this sounds like the 'limit adult content' in the content filter to me. that payload is complete garbage.

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I would love to see an update to this as we suddenly have a dozen ipads doing the same, even after factory resets. There have been NO changes on my end to cause this. Admin users and student users alike.

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If there is an update to this, also interested to hear if you all were able to address the issue. I'm seeing this on devices of ours as well, and I'm not seeing any web browser filters to remove.