iOS - Self Service and deploying apps

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To curb some downloading issues from students last year, we are trying to use a self-service only method of installing apps. This means that the app store is not available on the iPads and students can only get apps from Self-Service.
This is working great for free apps.
But I also need to distribute paid apps and this is what isn't working.
An example is an app called "Read2Go." It's $19.99 and we bought 8 licenses for it. I make it available in self-service but only scope it to the kids that are supposed to have it.
When I check the log for the kids that the app is scoped to, I have this error:
"Pending - Application is not available to install" and the app never installs.

Last year I would assign a VPP app to a student and it would just automatically show up. For some reason this doesn't work this maybe this is part of the issue as well. I don't know. I do know that i need to be able to distribute Paid apps and nothing is working. So I'm hoping the JAMF brain trust has some answers.


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Sounds like they didn't finish the VPP2 process.