iOS Self Service Problems, Am I Missing Something

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I'm not sure if this is a feature request...possibly multiple ways to fix it and I may just be missing something.

I use the Self Service app on campus. We are a campus focused entirely on students with disabilities and rely heavily on customizing the App Description in Self Service..."This app works great with VoiceOver"..."If you are using Switch Control with this app, you need to adjust the scan rate or you won't be able to navigate"
This sort of thing is never mentioned in normal app store descriptions and I put it above the app store description.
I also modify names to designate an app is paid/request only.

The Problem: If I allow JSS to update apps in Self Service, it removes the custom part I entered about accessibility and changes the name...removing the paid designation.
So, just disable the update apps in Self Service stuff, that works...

The Bigger Problem: My Self Service apps aren't changing their descriptions and everything is humming along great minus the annoyance of icons being outdated sometimes. And then...the app version that is listed in my non-updating app is removed from the Apple App store or the link is changed.
Now that app is auto removed from users devices even though they auto update installed apps and I need to transfer the licenses from one ASM/ABM location, delete the app from JSS and transfer the licenses back and re-do everything including all of the custom naming and descriptions!

Am I missing something about how this works?
A simple way to mark text in the description field as locked or a separate field that doesn't update at all so, you could use custom stuff but allow updates to happen
The ability to EDIT the app to update the version number or link after it has been disabled by JAMF so you don't need to jump through crazy hoops to get the app placed back in Self Service for users.

Help me please?!?!? I would love it if i was just doing something wrong
Is this really a limitation of JAMF...I have 450 apps in Self Service at the moment :(