iOS update command fails with "error 83" trying to update to 14.7 or 14.71

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With our devices I can update anything up to 14.6, but once any device it seems reaches 14.6 and then tries the update command for 14.7 or 14.71 they fail with the below. Any ideas? 

Devices are iPad 7th and 8th gen, plus 5th gen iPad Minis. 


The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error 83.)


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Funny, I have one device this is happening to. I am curious if it is related to the Defer Software Update restriction on the device. 

That sounds like a good suspect. I've seen no issue with devices that are not apart of Mdm + Abm, or where updates are not being managed via policy.

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I have this happen as well.   It takes forever to get a fleet of 700+ iPads updated.  I'm lucky to get 50% to update in a first pass.  I'm not sure but for me it seems like having a VPN on attributes to this. It seems to do better (but not always) when off.


We see this error 83 on some of our iOS / iPadOS devices, too.

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And? Any resolution? I am seeing this on iphone SE (2nd gen). Currently they are at 15.0 and fail to go further.

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I know this post was from last August but we just started using Jamf Pro and I'm seeing this error on all ipads and iphones I try to push the iOS update to.

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The Defer Software Update restriction is ultimately the cause of my issue. The only way I have reliably found to push updates was to move the Defer Software Update restriction into its own profile by itself, then scope it as you normally would. When you want to send an update, you would then add your device to the exclusion list or remove it from scope.


I have seen a multitude of issues/instances where specific versions only seem to play well with one another in the update scenario even when they are all within the 90 day window of one another.


example: a Device on 15.0 can receive 15.1, or 15.2 but not 15.1.1

example: a Device on 15.1 can receive 15.2 but not 15.1.1