iOS versions in Jamf Pro Dashboard


I'd like to have something in my Dashboard to list iOS versions of all our devices. Just like the MacOS side has with Patch Management. Does anyone have a solution for this?


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Just create a smart group with ios version filter


I'm not sure how that would work. I'm trying to get a list of versions on all our devices. Similar to the way Patch management will show all the versions of MacOS or other software versions.

With a Smart group all I'll get is a count. Where iOS version = something.


@ralvarezOES If you are just looking for a listing of what versions are inventoried, you can go and create a Smart Group, and then select iOS version under Criteria. Then, instead of typing in a value in the field if you click on the ... button you will see all of the versions.

However, if you want to see it on your dashboard you will need to create different smart groups like @hermannsag said and have them appear on your dashboard. Like the snippet of mine. ddb5de0066e549ba9f283f4e444ce3ec

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I have a smart Group that displays my "mobile devices". (e.g. criteria where Model like iPhone or iPad)
Select "Show in Jamf Pro Dashboard"

In the All Settings (gear in the upper right), select Device Management, Inventory Display.
Within Inventory Display, make sure "iOS Version" is selected and save your changes. (You may find other fields you want to display)

Now the column "iOS Version" will display in your inventory.

Some things I don't like (or lack the knowledge on how to do).
1.) Unable to change the order of the columns
2.) Unable to save the column sizes of the columns. Can adjust for current but next you come in, they are lost.
3.) Free the column headers, as you scroll down, you can not see the headers any more.

You can always export and do other analysis as you require.

So now when you select your Dash board, "Mobile Devices", the new column of iOS will be displayed.