Required changes to server after Active Directory migration

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I recently migrated our Jamf Pro server to a new Active Directory domain, and the biggest issue I now have is that clients are unable to connect to the distribution point via HTTPS. I suspect that this is related to the fully-qualified name in one or more certificates no longer matching the server host name, and I'm also concerned that there are settings within Jamf that are still referencing the old server host name.

If anyone has undergone a similar in-place server migration, I'd love to know some of the changes that needed to be made on the other side.


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@ardrake Give permissions a check on the Active Directory domain. Make sure you have a valid read/write account setup :)

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Went through all of that; transfers over SMB work fine, but I think HTTPS connections are having a fit because the hostname no longer matches the Jamf Pro instance name in the SSL cert.

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We did see something similar on 10.15.1 machines. We were not sure if it was:

  1. The hostname issue as described above.

  2. The 825 Day expiration requirement since certs were made after July( forgot exact cutoff day)

But as soon as we upgraded to 10.15.2, it all went away. We also observed 10.15.0 machines did not have this issue.

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With the exception of my own, all of our Macs are still on Mojave, so I can't pin this on Catalina.

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We are about to do the same thing. Have the new server up and are ready to move the clients. My thought was to use the jamf removeFramework command, then run the new quickAdd package that points to the new server.

Is this what you did? Is there an easier way to move the clients?

Paul Baughman