iOs Wifi WPA2 Enterprise issue

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Hi everyone

I'm having an issue regarding an iOs configuration profile.
I'm trying to deploy some wifi settings to my users.

It's a hidden Wifi network with a WPA2 Enterprise security.
The username field is set with "$username".
The password field is left blank.

The configuration profile works almost perfectly but i encountered 2 annoying issues :

  • The first time the configuration profile is sent to the iphone, the wifi doesn't connect automatically ; if i look into my iphone wifi setting, i see iphone "trying" to connect to the wifi but not succeeding.
    I have to wait for the wifi network to appear in "my networks", to manually select it and then and only then, it asks my password and i'm able to connect.

  • The second issue has the same king of behavior.
    In the case the user password is changed on our system (LDAP), the iPhone tries to connect to the wifi but doesn't succeed (which is logical)
    I have to wait to see the wifi connection appear in "my networks" and then select it manually in order for the password to be asked again and entered.

I'm not sure if i made myself clear.
Here two screenshots of my configuration profile.

I can provide a screen recordiing of the iphone behavior if it's needed.

Thank you





@t_santos Did you ever figure this out?


Having a similar issue, you ever figure this out @t_santos ?

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@MikaelDez @JoshRouthier 

i contacted my Apple Support Team and in fact, this (Wifi with WPA2 enterprise PEAP security) is how it's supposed to work, there is no solution.