iPad Available Space Issue

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Hey nation,

We are rolling 9.2.1 hard in our county. Some students are having a problem where they can't utilize all the storage space they should have after the update. We are seeing this on 16 GB iPads right now. Even after all Apps are deleted, a large amount (6-8 gigabytes) of space is still registered as being used. When connecting to iTunes, this is seen as "Other".


Did a bunch of Googling and the only solution offered is a full wipe. We keep seeing this more and more so I would like to avoid doing that as the primary solution if possible. Is there a way to connect these iPads to Xcode and see what's really taking up that space? Has anyone seen this before?



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And we thought the 9.2 nightmare was over. Hah!

Apple Support: "As we discussed on the phone, this matches an issue that we recently started to track. It appears to be related to MDM managed devices that are either running 9.2 or were updated from 9.2 to 9.2.1. The only work around at the moment is to backup the devices, erase them, and then restore from backup. "

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We use to see something similar a while back. We found out that iMessage counted towards the icloud backup allowance so students that had shared lots of videos and pictures had a large backup. But to make things worse, this didn't show in the iCloud storage area.

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Were these iPads updated remotely, or by touching the glass?

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Seeing this issue in mass in our district. At this point, it is known by Apple and resolved in 9.3 betas. Only solution we've found is to backup and erase the device.

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All iPads were updated by touching the glass. We had a mix of iPads on 8.4.1 and 9.x as they went up to 9.2.1, but I don't know if a certain subgroup is the one being affected (e.g. 9.2 to 9.2.1).