iPad block certain WiFi networks and certain apps

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I am wondering is it possible to prevent any iPads from connecting to the guest wifi network. At my school we had just blocked Snapchat, Instagram and Pokémon GO last week on the main wifi network. The students and a few teachers went to the guest network to use them. Some on their phones, others on their iPad. Teachers have been complaining that even though they make them put their phones up they still are using Snapchat, Instagram and Pokémon GO on their iPad. They can use their phone at lunch and in between classes. We just blocked all of them on the guest wifi earlier this week. We will unblock them on the guest wifi network if we can prevent the students and teachers from using their iPad on the guest wifi network. Is that even possible? If not can we prevent Snapchat, Instagram and Pokémon GO from being downloaded to the iPads and let the students and staff still download apps through the App Store?


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For my school, I disabled app store on student iPads. Teacher should be able to self-control and know when to use it. All students devices if they need apps will be through VPP.

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There's a new awesome App whitelist feature in the most recent versions of the JSS. It does not prevent installation of Apps no matter what source is used (App Store, Self Service, iCloud account automatic App installs), but it does prevent users from being able to run those Apps. They simply "poof" immediately from the homescreen and can't be found by searching either. The Apps can still be removed from Settings > General > Storage/Usage.

We have found that the iPads need to be beyond iOS 9.3.x though. 9.2.1 at least doesn't cut it.

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If the guest network is open, then you might be able to push a profile with a dummy password.