iPad Kiosk Mode

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Here's an interesting profile you can load on iPads... It locks the iPad into kiosk mode, much like they use in the Apple Stores.




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Wow that's a killer find. Thanks!

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That's awesome! Now we know how the Apple Store does it. However, based on comments in the link, this can;'t be deployed via iPCU, and I'm guessing then, not from within Casper either since it essentially uses the same APIs.

It looks like the only real method of installation would be to post the config as a link, just as the blog author did, then navigate the iPad to the link and click it.

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No reason Casper shouldn't be able to apply it as log as you keep it as the .mobileconfig.

In EDU, I think it would be an interesting twist to have a couple set up as a kiosk for parents to sign up for the school newsletters, update their contact info, etc. all in one stop. They'll come see it because it's an iPad and we'll get their updated info. Win-win.

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Great find! Anyone know if there are any other hidden keys we can embed into profiles?

Also, I'd like to look at the profiles that are created by Apple Configurator. Any ideas how to dissect them so they can be reverse engineered?


Awesome find

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Wow, the best thing since slice bread.

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Anyone know if this still works in iOS 7?

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How secure is locking down an iPAD using kiosk mode? If the device was stolen, how difficult would it be to unlock the iPAD and access the restricted site or upload a virus to the device that then gets uploaded to the linked URL?