iPad upgrade best practices with using iCloud

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I have recently discovered that there are some best practices that may need to be followed in situations that involve upgrading iPads with iCloud. Going from an iPad 1 to an iPad 3 requires that both have iOS 5.x if users are going to be utilizing iCloud backups to transfer to the new device. This also applies for upgrades of iPad 2s to iPad 3s using iCloud. If iOS versions are not in the same major release version, the newer device may not see the older device iCloud backup and/or will fail during a restore of the older device iCloud backup to the newer device. I think this is something that is important to be aware of given that iOS 5 has become unsigned preventing downgrades from iOS 6 to 5. Hope this helps others who may run into this problem in the future.


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We always recommend users do full backup to iTunes before upgrading to ensure everything is full recoverable. Many may prefer to just syncing to cloud, but to ensure our heavy users don't hit the default 5GB cap iTunes is a better option pre-major wipe-restore upgrade.