iPadOS AirDrop management


Hi all,

I’ve been asked to block AirDrop on some students iPads. 

There’s an option in profiles in Jamf Pro that says Allow AirDrop and I restrict it. The only thing that’s happening to me is that the AirDrop function in Settings disappears and the AirDrop option in the control centre is disabled but AirDrop is still enabled.

Is there something I’m missing here? Can I enable AirDrop to Contacts Only via profile? 



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In my testing, the restriction to disable Airdrop blocked the student's ability to send, but not to receive.


Hi @mmcallister,

Thanks for your reply. That’s what I found too. I had the impression that disabling AirDrop would disable all aspects of it, not just sending. 
I guess it’s because Classroom and Classwork need it working. 

Hi @luispalumbo that is absolutely right.  The airdrop restriction will stop its use by students being able to send to each other, but teachers can still use it within the Classroom app to send resources to students.

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This setting used to remove AirDrop from student iPads. Now it just seems to remove the ability for student's to change their AirDrop settings. If it was off, it stays off. If it was on for "Everyone" it stays on for "Everyone"

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This sounds mad. Are people saying there is no way to stop a child from being AirDropped a file from someone with a non managed device (think personal iPhone)?

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Any solution to this yet