Jamf Intune Registration Failing

New Contributor III

Hi folks, hopefully someone can help.

I've arrived in a new role at a new organisation and in the last week we have seen a huge increase in devices becoming unregistered from Intune - previously this happened at a rate of around 1 per week, but I'd say there's been 10-15 devices in the last week with this issue.

Also, when users try to re-register their device via Self Service, it will go through all the steps (Self Service > Company Portal > Jamf Page) but not actually re-register the device.

In most cases, the solution is to remove the MDM and re-enrol.

I inherited this setup, but it was configured following this guide from Microsoft. Also, I don't have direct access to Intune (it's a financial company) but I can make requests for changes to be made on that end.

So - where do I start trying to troubleshoot this? What logs am I looking in? What errors am I looking for?