iPadOS: Enable iCloud sync w/ Freeform when users cant edit accounts

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Our students are logged into managed Apple IDs on their iPads. They also have "Modifying account settings" restricted so they cannot edit accounts. This grays out the iCloud settings so they can't change anything once it's set.

Teachers are looking to use shared Freeform files. When students get a link to an iCloud-synced Freeform file, it requires them to have iCloud sync enabled for Freeform. Some do and some don't (not sure why). The ones that don't can't turn it on and just keep getting messages saying they need to turn it on.

Is there a less invasive way to enable iCloud sync with Freeform on iPads? My best option at the moment is to disable that restriction for a period of time and have staff go in and check but that's a pain but I haven't been able to come up with a better way.


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For managing iCloud sync settings for Freeform on iPads with managed Apple IDs, especially when "Modifying account settings" is restricted, you're in a bit of a bind. Here's a streamlined approach to address this without completely lifting restrictions, which might help:

  1. Configuration Profiles: Use Jamf Pro to create and deploy a Configuration Profile that specifically enables iCloud Drive and Freeform sync. This allows you to enforce the necessary settings without giving students access to modify their account settings.

  2. Apple School Manager & Jamf: Ensure that iCloud Drive and Freeform are enabled for managed Apple IDs through Apple School Manager. Sometimes settings here can override individual device configurations.

  3. Educational Profiles: Look into setting up Educational Configuration Profiles that might offer more granular control over which apps and services can sync with iCloud, including Freeform.

  4. Scripting & Commands: Although more complex, consider using Jamf Pro's ability to send remote commands to devices to enable specific settings. This might require custom scripts but could offer a solution for mass-enabling iCloud sync for Freeform.

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Thanks for the reply.

1. I've looked into configuration profiles and I don't see anything that seems to fit the bill with iPads. It seems like the option to do anything with Freeform is nonexistent. I was hoping I was wrong.

2. We have ASM & Jamf. Students have iCloud Drive and the Freeform app. It's just the enabling of iCloud sync that's a problem since that option is in iCloud settings and not Freeform settings. I really wish they released Freeform to the app store instead of making it a system app.

3. I'm pretty sure we have edu profiles. Teachers use Apple Classroom to monitor iPads. There doesn't seem to be any features related to Freeform/iCloud

4. Unfortunately, iPads don't allow scripting and commands are limited. Nothin that applies here.