iPadOS15 not compatible with Securly

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As of 9-21-2021 Securly is not compatible with iPadOS 15.


Securly does not support this iOS yet as it came out with some changes that have broken Proxy PAC files. Dev is working to adjust the Smart PAC code but for now please do not update yet. There will be a separate announcement when iOS15 becomes supported. 


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Makes you wonder if they tested the RC and Golden Master builds or even the earlier betas. I always get a kick out of vendors that put out these "Don't upgrade!! We were on vacation June, July and August so we're unprepared. We'll be ready to roll with iPadOS15 support when 15.5 comes out." support articles or announcements . Common core testing vendors are the worst offenders for this. 

to be fair Apple is notoriously hard to work with, especially on the security front. I mainly deal with macOS but it typically takes security tools 2-3 months after a new OS is released (Monterey for example) before their tools are fully ready for it. Apple is not well known for giving final release candidates to software developers to make their tools fully ready before a public release. Many developers get the final macOS/iOS product the same day we do, so of course they have not finished testing and vetting all their functionaries. 

Absolutely. Apple is just as much to blame for this and I always get a chuckle out of the keynotes when they state how much they care for and support the developers. It's an every person for themselves world right now in software development. The new is always better shtict doesn't help either with new OSes and hardware each year. Gotta keep filling up the Scrooge McDuck coin pool though.

I have often wondered why WWDC is still a "thing". MacOS as a platform, and Apple as a software vendor are extremely unfriendly towards Development and Developers in general. Since the 1st WWDC in '83 Apple has become a different company, and the user base has shifted from largely being developers to either content creators or general users who want to show something shiny off at star bucks that would be fine with a chromebook. Honestly I think its long past time for Apple to rebrand WWDC.

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Can confirm the same experience!

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Just tested it out on iOS 15.0.1 and I see that it works as expected now... anyone having the same experience after updating?