iPads with Restricted App Usage - Camera

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We have a few managed iPads setup with only Camera and Photos so that younger students can use the devices for recording pictures and videos for book reports and experiments. (No appleid or iCloud account) We used "Restricted App Usage" - "Allow only some apps" with the bundle ID's: com.apple.camera and com.apple.mobileslideshow. However, when we connect the iPad to another device to retrieve the images we cannot find the photos nor do we get the "trust this device" pop up. What app do or setting do I need to change in order to retrieve the photos?


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@tlewoc There are two places I can think of to look.

1) See if there is a Configuration Profile deployed with 'Allow pairing with non-Configurator hosts' unchecked.

2) if DEP, see if the PreStage has 'Pairing' unchecked. If it does, you'll need to wipe and re-enroll the device once you fix the PreStage.

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Airdrop is always an option. Physically connecting devices is an extra, likely unnecessary step.