iPasOS: Single App Mode and Permissions

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to deploy an app as part of a kiosk experience, however, upon first launching the app, Microphone and Camera permissions need to be accepted. 

When I built a SAM profile w/Custom App distribution, the app loaded on the iOS device and entered SAM, but the permissions notification was suppressed and the app does not function. 

I do plan on kitting and staging the devices with a team, but what's the best way to accomplish the above? EG., create a "staging department" for all of the devices, and only once all the last mile stuff is done move it to its final dept/building the applies the SAM config? Can I allow the permission window to appear as an exception when SAM is applied?


Thanks in advance for your support. 


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I had to deploy about 85 kiosks earlier this year. I created a static group called "Single App Mode - Override" and excluded that group from the config profile scoping. Once I knew that that the camera permissions were set, I removed them from the static group, and the Single App Mode profile applied to the devices