Is jamf good for the long run? (we're looking at it)

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Hey everyone, long-time lurker. My org is looking to upgrade our MDM software (we've been on Apple's for a while and are ready to use something that doesn't make us die inside).

People recommend Jamf a lot, however, we are hesitant to get fuckin stuck (again lol) in a tool that might become less relevant years down the road.

So my main question is to those that use Jamf, do you think it will be as relevant years down the road?


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If it makes you feel better, Apple uses JAMF internally for its own management. Mind you, nothing is guaranteed forever, but I don't see a real comparator to JAMF in the Apple space presently. As for down the road stuff... well, I've not seen this company lose ground over the decade I've spent using their stuff FWIW.

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Jamf just went public. Jamf has business stats that put many tech firms to shame. Jamf isn't going anywhere. The only time I have seen companies outgrow jamf, well, it was facebook and they needed their engineers to do something and work on osquery.

Do I think that the competition is giving jamf a run for their money in terms of innovation? yes. Do I understand that some of the legacy workflows in jamf are a result of the product being iterated over the past 20+ years? yes. Do I think Jamf will, eventually, catch up with some of the competitors innovation? I hope.

Jamf does their best to offer zero day support for apple features. This sometimes falls short, however, they usually fall short on things that none of the competition has implemented (like the full breadth of definitions for specific mdm commands, for example). I do think Jamf has wonderful support, and a huge set of users and nerds who can help you. No other competitor to jamf has that.