Is simple Finder available in Catalina?

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Is simple Finder available in Catalina? Question

Simple Finder is a stripped down version of Finder that basically removes a lot of UI features and functionality. It's been an option in OSX/MacOS for years under Parental Controls, Server and through Terminal. Since Screen Time has replaced Parental Controls I'm wondering if it's still accessible, I've read that the Terminal commands have stopped working since Catalina released.

My mac flat-lined recently and I'm looking to buy a new one which is why I can't just download Catalina and see for myself. The answer may ultimately determine which mac I buy next, because if not I'll probably buy one pre-installed with Mojave.

In the server version of Catalina, the option for simple Finder should be somewhere in Profiles/Restrictions/Finder. I swear I've tried to find an answer online, but this is really, really random.


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@konfio It looks like Simple Finder is gone in macOS Catalina, or at least there's no longer a GUI to enable it. Entering "Simple" in the System Preferences search field finds no matches.

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Is there a way to restrict, allow applications?

With Mojave, we had few setups emulating kiosk mode - with simple finder, limited access to computer resources and with only few applications opening. No way to replicate under Catalina?