Is there a way to have different Jamf Enrollment Profiles?

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My company has purchased and acquired one of our venders to make a more all in-house company.

I am charged with on-boarding their computers, but I wanted to only enroll their computers in Jamf Pro but not apply any policies other than install our corporate anti-virus. I am only looking currently to monitor their computer and eventually tweak the computers, as a whole, over to our configuration.

Is there a way to have a secondary Jamf Pro profile or exclude the policies to be applied?


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You would use the scopes of your policies to do this. Just add the devices to a smart group that excludes them from the policies you dont want them being targeted by. An extension attribute may make this easier.

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Alternatively, if you have a lot of policies that would require changes, make a new 'Site' in Jamf Pro and enroll them via User-Initiated Enrollment into that site.