Issue installing capsersuite onto windows 2008 r2 server

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Im trying to install caspersuite onto win 08 r2, each time it gets part way through then flags an error:

error 1720 - there is a problem with this installer package. a script required for this install could not be run. custom action upgradejssdatabaseutil.vbs script error 2147024894, wshshell.exec. the system cannot find the specified file.

Its running on a freshly installed VM, I'm logged in as admin with all of the usual restrictions removed. I checked out the internet for resolutions to the error code as assumed this would be more of a windows issue than JAMF but have hit a road block.

Was curious if anyone else has ran into this and how did you manage to resolve? thanks


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Seems like we did a while back...Fully updated install of WIN2k8? If I remember correctly it was something as ridiculous as running updates and rebooting. I remember the .vbs script error...

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We built our global expansion VMs before CJA was formalized (manually installed and configured each piece) and I remember running into problems if not logged in as a full local administrator (we ended up using the "Administrator" account).


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I had a very similar issue installing to 2k8 r2. Before running the installer, manually stop Tomcat, IIS and MySQL. Run your installer and then turn them back on again.