Issue with Configurator Deploying Free Apps


So I know this is not quiet the right place for this. But with the wealth of experience and knowledge I thought I would give it a shot.

So this is the first time I have seen this. But was at a clients today and they are having issues trying to deploy some free apps to their ipads.

They have a number of free apps where it shows up with a number where the VPP number normally goes. And to beat that the number is negative eg -17

So tried updating configurator, Updating itunes. Deleting the app and re-downloading, but it still retains the number and cant be deployed.

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Thats a good one, can't sat I've seen that one yet. Are there any paid apps with codes in your configurator? If not you could try removing the database in ~/Library/Containers/ Support/ and starting from scratch.

I had a similar issue where after dragging new versions of paid apps into configurator turned the paid apps to 'free', the only way I was able to resolve that was to restore to an earlier version of the database from a time machine backup.