Issue with JAMF Connect 2.0.2 and Intune

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I have a particularly frustrating yet compelling issue at hand.

I deployed Jamf Connect Verify 1.5.2 to all users around October 2020 and had everyone run the microsoft intune integrator so it can register the device into our intune portal. Our total number of laptops in JAMF was 755 and in intune, it was also 755.

As of January 13, 2021, I tested and deployed out JAMF Connect 2.0.2 to about 550 users. After this happens, i recently went to go check the total number in Intune for laptops managed by jamf, and it is now a staggering 300 laptops only. The total number of JAMF managed laptops in intune was 450 less, as if the records completely disappeared. I could not find the reason on why the number was showing only 300 when it was clearly 755 in JAMF portal.

The only thing that I noticed was that I deployed it on the 13th and the numbers started drastically dropping ever since that day. I think the workaround seems to be to just have everyone register again into the Microsoft Intune integrator and it would re-register, but that doesn't explain how the assets gets deleted off of the intune portal in the first place, especially just from having JAMF Connect 2.0.2 installed I would love to hear back from anyone experiencing something similar to this.


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I've just started on this too. Did the corresponding Azure enrolments disappear too?

Which version of Jamf Pro are you using?

I think I'd be contacting Microsoft Support. Also, there is a MacAdmins Slack channel for InTune you could try. There are some pretty good people in there.

Please let us know if you find the cause

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@dlondon yes, that’s what I’m noticing. All of the intune entries are missing

I’m on version 10.26.1 for JAMF pro.