Issues Encountered in Jamf Pro 11.1.0 Beta

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I recently upgraded to the Jamf Pro 11.1.0 Beta version and have come across a few issues that I'd like to discuss and seek assistance on. Here are the problems I've encountered:

After the update, I noticed that some configuration profiles are not applying correctly to devices. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? The inventory updates seem to be delayed after the upgrade. Previously, it was almost instantaneous, but now there is a noticeable lag. Is this a known issue? I appreciate any insights, tips, or solutions that the community can provide. Let's collaborate to make this beta version as smooth and efficient as possible.


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this is now live.. 

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@gillshreyas: Jamf Betas are under NDA, so it's probably best to discuss such previews in the dedicated Beta forum.

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I'm aware that 11.1.0 is now generally available, this was more of a general comment.

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So is 11.1.0 already available or is it still being tested?

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