Issues of APNs via proxy

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The company have a security network, Jamf server and apple devices on the corporate network are not allowed to reach the Internet except via proxy server, but APNS does not ordinarily permit the use of proxy servers for push notification providers, so do we have solution for this?
I read some solutions which had been talked in forum, such as to setup server in dmz to talk with APNs only, and this server will be setup as cluster with internal jamf server, but may I know why it can work? And I asked jamf engineer they don’t confirm this solution.

So who can give some ideas? Thanks


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The best resource is @bradtchapman 's JNUC 2017 talk on APNS, but getting it to play nice by a proxy is more work than is good. The OS apsd daemon (with some exceptions) isn't proxy aware.

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After doing much much research myself, APNS does not work via proxy.