Issues with Automated Enrollment

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Hi All,


Is anyone else having issues with enrolling MacBooks in their Jamf Pro environments? Every time we've tried to enroll a new MacBook Pro this week we're getting hit with "Enrolling with management server failed. Unexpected error (MDMResponseStatus:502)". Jamf Support had me try a few things like trying a different Prestage Enrollment Profile or even removing some packages from Prestage but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.




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Seeing a lot of 502

Are you still running into the 502 errors? Have you guys been able to remediate this?

Opened a ticket with Jamf. Has not been helpful so far. Jamf server log is plagued by APNs errors. Very similar to this issue:

No resolution so far.

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What is the history of the MacBooks? Are they fresh from Apple or are these devices that had reinstalled macOS?

reinstalled macOS in my case.

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Hello, Did you get this resolved? I've been able to manually enroll a device because it was not picked up by the pre-stage enrollment... The one I'm having issues with was reset thru over internet Recovery, it gets picked up by the pre-stage enrollment but this is the error I'm getting. now this is a 2014 MacBook and it installed Big Sur not Yosemite which is what it originally had back when it was new.