Issues with Mail App on iPads

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Hello all,

We have been having many devices with issues with the stock Mail App. We have Google emails for students and they seem to be causing the Mail app to either crash at launch (iOS 6) or refuse to load emails (iOS 7). In iOS 7, all emails show up as "Message has no sender" and "Message has no content". It happens when the emails are both set up as exhange accounts oras Google accounts. The only way we have been able to fix it is by wiping the device. Deleting the email account and adding it back does not help.

These are iPad 2's supervised with Apple Configurator. Anyone else seeing the same thing? Any other ways to fix this? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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We had the same issue a few weeks ago and it just randomly started working again the next day with no changes made to anything for all our users. I'm guessing it is something on Google's end. Maybe something temporarily changed since exchange accounts are only available to Google apps customers and we weren't getting exchange support as we were supposed to? For us at least, all users that had the email set up already it was working but new users it would not work. Not sure though.


Hi Corey,

are you manually configuring the Mail settings or using a profile? We push a profile to the iPad via Casper and have no problems.