IXL Configuration dictionary

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I am looking for the code for the Configuration dictionary for IXL iOS app to set the custom domain in the app. There is a setting for it in iOS Settings - IXL. Unfortunately IXL is anot aware of how to set this via MDM commands.


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Hey @gil.anspacher have you gotten anywhere with this? We need to do the exact same thing.

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No, unfortunately tech support at IXL was unfamiliar with this and I could not get to their iOS dev team.

The good news is that you can save it in the app prefs. I had a student tech enter it in each device.

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@gil.anspacher Gotcha, we've been doing it that way the past few years...just figured I'd try to make it more streamlined. I'm a little confused - is this a function that has to be "enabled" with an App's code, or is it a product of the JSS that can be applied to any app deployment if you write the .plist correctly?

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@kempt Yup, same here. Not sure how this works on the backend. Perhaps just writing to the plist.

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Anyone have an update for this?

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Any update on this?

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After contacting IXL support I got a response that worked for us. You should be able to use the following and modify it to your own needs:

<key>Remember Me</key>
<key>Custom Sign-in @</key>
<string>YOUR CUSTOM SIGN IN</string>

If you don't want "Remember me" on then you can replace <true/> with <false/>, and of course whatever you put where it says "YOUR CUSTOM SIGN IN" will be what shows up in the app preferences.

I should also mention that after you set your desired preferences, you must start the IXL app for them to get picked up. While testing it on several iPads I noticed that it was not populating until I did that.

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In case anybody comes across this post, like me. IXL has changed the order of the custom app config. This is from their support. The IXL app version at the time is 4.7.0

The following is the documentation that we have available to guide MDM setup for iPad. The IXL iPad app is compatible with all MDM providers. You can sync the Custom Domain and Remember Me settings by saving the IXL settings file in the App Configuration preferences of your MDM. You can use the following settings file to sync the Custom Domain and Remember Me settings with your MDM: <dict> <key>Custom Sign-in @</key> <string>CUSTOM DOMAIN</string> <key>Remember Me</key> <true/> <key>Date Last Synced</key> <string>TODAY’S DATE</string> </dict> You can replace CUSTOM DOMAIN with your school’s custom domain text (excluding the @ symbol). If the custom domain lines are not included in the file, managed apps will have no custom domain. The Remember Me line can be either <true/> for on or <false/> for off. With the Remember me feature on, students will remain signed in to their accounts forever. With the Remember me feature off, students will be signed out of their accounts if they haven’t used the app for 10 minutes. By default, downloading the app sets Remember Me feature on. Please note that while the exact date format does not matter, the TODAY’S DATE value should be updated each time these settings are edited. This is necessary in order for the settings to be sent out when a change is made.

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@ScottVV and @yaindlc Thank you both for this. @ScottVV's post works with the latest version (5.1.0).