Jamf 200 prep

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I will be taking the Jamf 200 course in March and wanted to ask the community what to expect and how to best prepare myself.

I have been working with Jamf for a little over 2 years now and have deployed dozens of profiles and policies as well as work with Munki to help co-manage our Macs using a combination of Jamf and Munki. I have also worked with iOS devices by deploying several different profiles and assigned devices to various pre-stage groups to better manage devices for very specific purposes.

I guess I am asking if my current experience and day to day operations will help me get through the course.


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Jamf has some excellent online resources based on the different courses. jamf.it/courseresources

Your knowledge sounds sufficient but have a close read of the above URL which spreads out the information into stages.

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It sounds like you should be well prepared already. If you have been using Jamf for 2 years, honestly, you will probably find 200 most of a review. Most of what you will learn will just reinforce what you already know. But 200 will hopefully introduce you to a few features you don't know.

In most classes, there are usually a few people that have barely touched Jamf, much less a Mac or iPad. They are there because their company/school has anointed them the Jamf admin. You will be far ahead of them.

The best advice I could give is just be comfortable in know where to navigate and the best way to accomplish something. The less you have to think about where to navigate, the more time you have to think about solving the problem.