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Hi all,

It's been about two and half years since I undertook my CCT. I shall be undertaking the Jamf 300 course at the end of February 2019. Is there any advice on where I should focus my attention in terms of pre-reading / brushing up of skills apart from going over the entire Jamf 300 course guide / resource.

Thanks in advance!


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I took the 300 in June 2018. My class was told that the course would be changing the week after we took it. You should get this advice from someone who took the 300 in July of this year or later.



They are constantly changing the course and its contents, make sure you brush up on the admin guide of the latest release and you should be fine. The 300/Admin course is just a continuation of the 200, elaborating on the ideas and tasks. You also will have to have some basic knowledge using the Jamf Pro apps(composer,admin,recon). I took my 300 course in November of 2017, right after they switched to version 10.0, this basically meant I had no seat time with the latest version in my work environment. Hope this helps!



Also good to brush up on scripting and API - the new course format sees candidates taking assessment on days 2, 3 & 4 of the course which all contribute to the overall grade.

I took the course in August and passed comfortably however I know others that have taken it since and struggled with the scripting side (specifically around LaunchDaemons).

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Sorry for delayed response, but thank you all. Have quite a lot of reading to get through it seems!

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@Vad3r (and shout out to @ryan.ball ),

We've publicly posted the course resources page for our courses and I would highly recommend taking a moment to review the topics discussed there. While there is no itemized list, the topics and related resources might help garner an idea of what you might want to spend time reviewing before the course. We do recommend that someone have a basic understanding of variables and if-statements in scripting, and if you look through those materials you'll find plenty to relate with to these topics.

Best of luck!

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I took this during this week and I would say the main thing that has changed is the amount of scripting and things with APIs. This managed to catch a lot of people off guard and I think it should be made much clearer in the prerequisite of the course.