Jamf 300 tips or tricks?

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Hi all,

I go for the Jamf 300 cert in March. I passed the 200 with a 100. So I’m not too worried, just wanted to know if anyone has any tips, tricks or advice to be on the look out for?

My support role has been more on the endpoint side of things. Ie, troubleshooting failed enrollments, self service, onboarding ADE, etc….

This year my goal is to lean more on the Jamf Pro side of things. Configuring integrations, creating and implementing maintenance scripts, etc….

Any advice for the 300 is greatly appreciated.


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@lovel For the Jamf 300 you're going to want to be familiar with creating groups/policies/profiles in Jamf Pro, as well as shell scripting. Check out the Jamf's Course Resources site for more details on the course topics: https://docs.jamf.com/education-services/resources/ (Note that the course materials are periodically revised, and that link _should_ take you to the latest version) 

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Hi @lovel, my advice.
Since your focus is shifting towards the Jamf Pro side, my advice would be to delve deep into the intricacies of configuring integrations and scripting. Familiarize yourself with various scenarios involving Jamf Pro, especially those related to complex configurations and maintenance scripting.

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My memory might be a bit foggy on that, but please remember to enable the cloud distribution and the LDAP connection. I certainly spent valuable minutes during the exam trying to figure out why nothing was working. Still passed, so there you are. Good luck