JAMF ADCS Connector Failed Requests

New Contributor

Hello, we have a JAMF ADCS connector that interfaces with our internal certificate authority to enroll users/machines with our certificate template. The product is working as expected in that certificates are correctly being dolled out to JAMF managed machines, however we are noticing something strange on our CA..

I have noticed that there are a TON of "failed requests" from the ADCS connect with the error: "Error constructing or publishing certificate. The request subject name is invalid or too long". When you look at the requests the CN= is blank, which is why it's failing. They come in almost every single minute, so there's a ton of errors. The requestor is the computer object for the ADCS connector VM. Has anyone seen this on their setup? How can I check on the JAMF cloud end what is possibly constantly retrying a blank certificate? I'm trying to pinpoint the issue here..