Jamf Agent install and App Deployment

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Hi All,

I m working on a trial subscription for JAMF-Casper Suite product. for test purpose I have 2 MAC machines.

Initially I was able to enrol both the devices in JAMF without any issue, however unintientially I deleted Update Inventory policy (Default) and post that I noticed User Initiated enrolment stopped working especially the JAMF Agent installation.

If I use the command Sudo Jamf enrol -prompt command enrolment works and I don't see any error message

  1. Is there a reason that User intiated enrolment through portal stopped working all of a sudden
  2. Where to check the log files for agent installation.
  3. I created a App Deployment policy. Though its status shows as completed but nothing is installed on MAC machines. Additionally if I go under policy status it just say executing policy

Please advise


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Hello @csharma_870 I'm sorry to see that there are no supporting posts here. I'm hoping that your TAM (Technical Account Manager) has gotten you through this process already? These questions ought to be quickly sorted out in a remote session with jamf. The problems are probably very simple to sort out and I'd hate to see you go back and forth on the forums until you get it answered. There is ALWAYS a reason why something might stop working and almost always, a way to fix it.

In any event, could you provide more details about how the enrollment failure is presenting itself to you? Do you get any errors? Does it look like it enrolls and then you have issues, etc... As for the App deployment policy, the policy will report that it's complete so long as there are no errors during install. Where you're just learning to configure policies I would imagine that it's not even trying to do what you want it to. Again, can you give more detail as to what you are trying to accomplish (app install, OK but what App and how) and how you've set up the policy? I'm sure we can answer your questions, though it might still be better for a TAM to explain it over a remote session for your own education.