JAMF API finding Unmanaged Mobile Device Apps

New Contributor

I am attempting to pull the "Management Status" of the apps installed on Mobile Devices in JAMF thru the classic API. I'd like to make a list of ipads and the apps installed on them that are in an Unmanaged status.

Looping thru with the mobile device ids on this request url: /JSSResource/mobiledevices/id/XXX/subset/applications I can get a list of the Apps on each device however there isn't much information listed for each app. Does anyone know how to pull the management status of an app from the api?

<mobile_device> <applications> <size>13</size> <application> <application_name>Bitsboard</application_name> <application_version>33.0.1</application_version> <identifier>com.grasshopperapps.bitsboard</identifier> </application> <application> <application_name>Clips</application_name> <application_version>3437.2.18</application_version> <identifier>com.apple.clips</identifier> </application> <application> <application_name>GarageBand</application_name> <application_version>4673.37</application_version> <identifier>com.apple.mobilegarageband</identifier> </application> <application> <application_name>iMovie</application_name> <application_version>2776.6.72</application_version> <identifier>com.apple.iMovie</identifier> </application>