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I have set up Google Chrome as an app from Jamf App Catalog as a Self Service option.

As a user, I have installed this app, and within Self Service, it then says "Open".

I have now deleted the app locally and run a recon, but Self Service still says "Open". It seems there is no way for me to re-install this app. And also "Deployment status" in Jamf Pro thinks that I still have this installed.

Is this expected behaviour?



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That sounds expected.  There is a work around that both hides that "Open" option and more quickly falls into the re-install scoping.  It requires two App Installer listings, but that's not too bad.

  • Listing 1 is the Available listing and is scoped to whatever smart group you want to make the program available to.
  • Listing 2 is a Required listing and is scoped to a smart group of machines with that program installed already.  Since Required takes priority, anything with that program installed (from any source) will be removed from Available listing's scoping as long as the program is installed.

In effect, as soon as Inventory is updated after installation, the machine will drop out of the scope for Available, which will get rid of that Open button.  Then, after uninstalling and updating inventory, the machine drops back into the Available scoping allowing reinstallation.

Again, not ideal but it works.

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I appreciate your effort to try to resolve the matter, but I was hoping that this was a bug.

I wish Jamf would get their act together, so this feature (Jamf App Catalog) would be useful. For now it appears to me to be too half-baked to consider.

Ideally I would like the button in Self Service to react to what is actually on the machine (rather than what the inventory thinks is there). If application is present, sure it can say "Open", but it would be nice to have also an option: "Remove" or "Uninstall" (we have users without Admin permissions).

There was literally no reason to phrase it like that, but I guess you do you.

How would you phrase it?

Totally agree with this. I just went to go add our first ap through the jamf app catalog. Got it installed and then went great, how do I uninstall or re-install it if needed and saw no way. No clear policy or anything like would a normal policy install.

So came looking for explanation. Agree that this is just poor implementation. How is there not a way to easily choose uninstall or to reset it.

Not interested in going to add 2 groups for every app we want to add. Seems like not worthwhile feature to use.

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