Jamf App Catalog Updates vs Patch Management


Recently started to move from Patch Management to the new App Catalog feature but I'm a little confused on the update process or maybe I'm missing something. When I used Patch Management to deploy updates, the process was very quick at pushing out the updates and usually finished 95-100% of our clients within a work day.

Now with App Catalog, I'm not completely sure if Jamf is pushing the updates or if the applications are just updating themselves because of how slow the process is. After 24 hours of Office and Chrome updates being published, only 15-20% of clients are up-to-date. Not really the speed of my liking with security updates and the state of the world today.

Maybe I'm missing a setting to push these updates but the App Catalog doesn't seem to have many settings available regarding updates? Maybe I'm misunderstanding this feature and it does not push updates? Regardless I'm on the fence about reverting back to Patch Management. (I have disabled the PM policies for updates and versions thinking that was the issue).


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I am in the same situation. I see the Mac Apps/App Catalog as useful for quick and dirty updating that happens frequently (such as Chrome), and Patch Management for things we want to test a little better (such as Outlook) to give us a little more control.


I let all of the apps sit for 5 days relying on the Jamf App Catalog to update the apps and it never got over 30% of the clients updated. I reverted back to Patch Management for the update process and within 12 hours I was up to 90% updated.