Jamf App Catalog

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Since. we are new to Jamf and the Jamf App Catalog is new to Jamf, I am Struggling a strategy to assign app to user groups.

One option we though about was create a Static Computer group of the devices we want to install the app on.

Not sure if this will cause us headaches in Jamf world.

Also, should we just deploy the app without App Catalog using normal pkg, DMG, etc.. allowing us to deploy to a user group, and Self Service, then use Patch Management to keep those apps up to date? Is that an option?


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Based on recent call with Jamf Support, I am moving us back to Patch Management for a couple of Applications that we were trying through the Jamf App Catalog.  We deploy our applications through pkg's and dmg's along with using the Smart Groups.  It is so wild to see things get automatically installed and after you do your initially login.  And the command line commands "sudo jamf policy" and "sudo jamf recon" are great assets if needed.

I like Static groups but that means you have to manage them and keep them up to date.  I find using Smart Groups a great asset to where you want applications or settings.  There is a lot of options for criteria that makes it really flexible.  The Smart Groups allows you to setup the criteria to do the management for you.  If you have your Departments and if necessary Buildings setup then you can use these to manage things and applications.


Hopefully this helps.