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We have recently ported over our Mac Apps to the Jamf App Catalog, but are running into a bit of a snag.  The initial deployment went great, but we have had a few users manually remove an application that was pushed out via the Jamf App Catalog.

We created a new JAC deployment for the application, and made it distributed via Self Service, but the status on those computers are "Unqualified for App Installer".  I am assuming that this is because it thinks it already has it from the initial deployment?  Is there a local file that it keys off of for the install status?  Is there a way that I can override this?



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If I am not mistaken this leans on managed app installers through the MDM framework, not the Jamf binary. It can be a little flakey, and there is not really much troubleshooting that can be done aside of wait for things to sync up. 


Personally in my environment, all App Catalog items auto install with no Self Service interaction. I keep traditional policies for reinstalls if needed, and let the App Catalog update the app after it installs. I update the packages in the policy a few times a year.

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Jamf App installers are.. fun.. like all things JAMF.. but Im sure I read somewhere that once its installed via JAI, then even if the user deletes it, next update it will re-install.. if you want to force this, toggle the switch for that app, it will then install to the scope... ones that are up to date are ignored.. or, these may have been another cheese dream.. 😎

We did try that, but for the computers that had the application manually deleted, the status came back right away as Installed, almost like it was reading some sort of cache.