Jamf Business Plan vs Jamf Fundamentals Plan

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I've been working to convince my employer to roll out both Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect, with Protect as a possibility, but I'm having a number of pushbacks. I see that the new Jamf Fundamentals plan has been released today at a very attractive cost and seems to include features from both Connect and Protect.


So the big question is what am I losing if I go for Fundamentals instead of Business?


It would be incredibly useful if Jamf were to offer a matrix showing supported features for each available plan.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Bill, Great question! Check out our pricing page and reach out to our Sales team for more specific details about your use case. There is also a great blog post that may help out too! 

Thanks but the pricing page doesn't have a proper feature comparison (which it could do with) and the blog post is a tad sketchy.


From the research I've done the potentially critical issues for me seem to be:

  • Jamf Now doesn't integrate with IdPs - we use Azure
  • Jamf Connect is included which does support Azure as an IdP
  • The version of Jamf Connect included doesn't support the Login Window, just the Menu App
  • The Menu App doesn't support MFA or directly authenticating with the IdP at logon time so there is a risk of passwords being out of sync

Though not specified here I'm guessing that not supporting the Login Window also means you can't do Local Account Migration either.


From that it looks like Jamf Fundamentals is going to be a no-no and I'll have to go back to convincing the powers that be to go for Pro