JAMF causing battery drain? How to determine?

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Firstly, I'm new to JAMF, having started at a company as a manager of someone who has already been using jamf for a few years. I've had a number of complaints from users, and noticed myself, that the battery life on our machines is very bad. Additionally, the fans are running at max speed multiple times an hour. I was using my machine on battery yesterday and had it drop 10% in 5 minutes at medium brightness with Chrome open. I uninstalled jamf last night and this morning it's been on for an hour with only 6% loss.

When I asked my jamf admin about possible drain, he said he's never seen that before, but I've got to dig into it a little bit. Since I have no experience with jamf, I'm not even sure where to begin to troubleshoot or look.

Any advice?


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Get the logs on jamf for you computer. Could this have been 10.15.4 installing?

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Which version of jamf are you using? Do your users have the habit to keep the Self-Service app open? In that case you might be suffering from PI-006889, fixed in 10.19.

Another option is policies that are executed over and over again. Check the logs for the clients that show the battery drain, either on the server or the client - or even both ;)