JAMF Cloud short session expiry in web browser

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We use JAMF Pro hosted by JAMF in the cloud. For the last number of months we have been getting frequent short session expiry messages (time before session time out seems to vary can be logged in a for a minute or two or be good for up to 15 minutes). Then once you have been bumped out it will take two or three login attempts before you can get logged in again. Anybody else having this issue?

We are using LDAP authentication with Active Directory for login to JAMF Pro.


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Yes. We are experiencing the same problem. First on 10.8 and now on 10.10.1. Also using LDAP authentication with AD. Plan to upgrade the JIM to 1.3.1 to see if that helps. Were you able to find a fix for this?

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@jmuchow Seeing the same thing with my cloud instance. JIM 1.3.1 doesn't change the behavior for us. We're no 10.12.0-t1555503901.

Hoping this is fixed soon, causing a lot of issues/lost work...

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This is a known issue and has PI-002208 associated with it. If you're seeing the following issues, contact Jamf Support as there should be a fix they can apply:

  • Random logging out of the Jamf admin console
  • Logging into the Jamf admin console sometimes taking multiple tries
  • Getting logged out of the Jamf admin console before the default 30 minute idle time

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Hi all,

Has a workaround/fix been identified for this issue?


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We are having the exact same issues and also have LDAP authentication with AD for JAMF Login. We've just been dealing with it for months...does anyone know of a solution?