Jamf Cloud - Upcoming Maintenances

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This is a notice of two upcoming maintenance windows: one for all Jamf Cloud customers and one impacting only for Jamf Premium Cloud.

Jamf Cloud Distribution Services (JCDS) - Maintenance
All Jamf Cloud customer instances will be upgraded with a new version of JCDS. This maintenance will be performed on your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, and will not impact the availability of your Jamf Pro instance.

Customers hosted in the Tokyo cloud region will be upgraded on September 30th.

Hosted Region Begins Ends
ap-northeast-1 Sept 30 at 1500 UTC Sept 30 at 1600 UTC

Customers hosted everywhere else will be upgraded on October 3rd.

Hosted Region Begins Ends
eu-central-1 Oct 3 at 0700 UTC Oct 3 at 0800 UTC
eu-west-2 Oct 3 at 0900 UTC Oct 3 at 1000 UTC
ap-southeast-2 Oct 3 at 1000 UTC Oct 3 at 1100 UTC
us-east-1 Oct 3 at 1100 UTC Oct 3 at 1200 UTC

Premium Cloud - Security Patching
There is also a separate maintenance event for security patching on Premium Cloud instances only. Your instance may be unavailable while this patching event takes place.

Hosted Region Begins Ends
ap-southeast-2 Oct 4 at 1100 UTC Oct 4 at 1400 UTC
ap-northeast-1 Oct 4 at 1100 UTC Oct 4 at 1400 UTC
eu-central-1 Oct 4 at 1100 UTC Oct 4 at 1400 UTC
eu-west-2 Oct 4 at 1100 UTC Oct 4 at 1400 UTC
us-east-1 Oct 4 at 1400 UTC Oct 4 at 1800 UTC
us-west-2 Oct 4 at 1400 UTC Oct 4 at 1800 UTC

Next Steps
Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide to find out how.

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New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello everyone, just a quick update to one of the time slots. The use-1 region will kick off at 0800-0900 UTC. This is for the JCDS upgrade ONLY. Sorry for the late adjustment.