Jamf command line tool

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Hi all,

The help text for the jamf command line tool lists
"log Log the IP Address as well as an action to the JSS" as one of
it's functions, but when I use it I cannot find where my message has been
logged to in the JSS. Does anybody know what section I can find this under?

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Hi Dan,

Assuming version 5.x of a JSS:

When you perform a log of a system it would update that information under the details for that computer. So go to the website, do a search for that machine then click the Details option for that computer. The IP is updated in the JSS for that system and is under the General Information section.

As far as what it logs as an action to the JSS to find in the Logs section...no clue. All I ever use log for is updating the IP address of the machine when it reboots so it can get managed properly in the JSS when I want to perform something remote on a system. On systems that are laptops that might bounce between AirPort and Wired without a reboot I have toyed with making that run like every couple of hours. Log doesn't serve too much purpose unless you need to ensure IP addresses are correct in the JSS for remote tasks, since the clients pull from the server and always know where to find it.

Hope that helps and answers your question

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The log command was useful in versions prior to 5.x for the scenario that Craig describes below. However, in 5.x, anytime a computer checks in for a policy (startup, login, logout, and the default every15 trigger), the IP address will automatically be updated.

So in short, the log command is a legacy command that does not need to be run. The fields that it updates are the IP record as well as the last contact time entry for that machine, which can be found in the computer details view.

Nick Amundsen
JAMF Support

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And with that I'll be removing my policy for that to happen at startup as it was something carried over from previous versions. =)

Thanks, Nick.


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Thanks chaps, I'd got the wrong end of the stick and misread the help. I'd
read it that the command logged a message to one of the logs.



Hey All,

An addendum to this -

If you are trying to append a certain event to the usage logs section, you can use the command:

"jamf log -action myEvent"

And this will show the event in the usage logs section of the JSS.

Nick Amundsen
JAMF Support