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Jamf Pro 10.35.0 Beta is Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation!Today we are shipping beta 1 of Jamf Pro 10.35.0.With Jamf Pro 10.35.0 Beta 1, deferrals have been added to Remote Commands, enabling an end-user to delay a macOS update. We have also enabled parents to clear passcodes from student ...  View more

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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.34 Release

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.34 which includes enhancements to the Jamf Parent and Jamf Teacher apps, updates to the Jamf Connect auto-deployment settings, and new Shared iPad session features. This release also gives IT admins the ability to select...  View more

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MirrorOp version EA help

I'm working on building a Title Editor entry for the Barco MirrorOp app. On its site, Barco lists the latest version as Unfortunately, the app's Get Info window (and Jamf app inventory) only shows the main version (2.5.4). I found in the ap...  View more

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XSLTPROC parser error

Hello, I'm trying to fetch some informations about a given device with thhe API and I can't get it to work, can someone enlight me ?Here's my stylesheet definition:cat << EOF > /tmp/computer.xslt , , EOF And here's how I run it:fetchDeta...  View more

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Automating OS Upgrade for Intels and M1's

Can someone give me an idea of the best way to automate OS Upgrade without requiring admin passwords to complete it? I've installed a bootstrap token onto my test machine and verified that it was distributed to my standard account but it still requir...  View more

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changing configuration profiles policy (via script)

Hello community is there a way to use a policy or a shellscript to delete a bunch of no more needed configuration profiles and replace them with other ones We have deployed some configuration profiles for our antivirus software and now, we have to d...  View more

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Changing UID and GID with a scirpt

Hi everyone Is there a "clean and safe way" to change UID and GID on Mac devices? or would you not recommend this at all.I have a script that can change the UID and GID. But the Macbook is always unstable and slow after I change them. I had to change...  View more

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Help dissecting existing DEPnotify configuration

I've inherited the day to day responsibilities of managing our JAMF instance within our local school district and there are some things that I am still trying to wrap my head around. Mainly because I'm just unfamiliar with the way the previous Tech h...  View more

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3rd Party Community Patch Servers?

Does anyone know what happened to all the sites on what used to be communitypatch.com? We used them for software Jamf still doesn't have, like Microsoft Edge and our VPN software. Are there any alternatives? If not, how do I set up our own patch defi...  View more

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Multiple computers return 404 when selected

In researching some problematic computer issues in Jamf Pro (mainly duplicate S/Ns causing API errors), I've found a number of computer objects that display in an Inventory Search but clicking on them yields a 404 error in both the Web UI and the API...  View more

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Deploying PPPC Issue - Packages not signed

I'm trying to get a simple Privacy Preference Policy Control deployed and am getting failures in Jamf Pro. I've used the PPPC Utility and it looks like the deployments are failing due to the pppc not being signed. I thought by uploading it to Jamf Pr...  View more

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Error Calculating Policies in Scope

Hi there,i'm getting following Error :Error Calculating Policies in Scope, Check that your LDAP server is properly configured and accessible.ldap is properly configured ( it worked and nothing has changed)does anyone know what might cause this issue?...  View more

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Packaging and Deploying macOS Installer Monterey

I am having trouble packaging and deploying macOS Monterey. Should you upload the installer as a DMG or PKG file on JAMF? How do you deploy Monterey installer silently to a user's machine and have the installer run automatically without any user inte...  View more

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Troubleshooting Policy script

Hello, everyone. I'm working on a policy to execute a shell script from a vendor that installs a piece of software. It's a rather large .sh file (24mb) and, if I'm reading it right, it looks like the majority of the file is the raw contents of a .tar...  View more

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Moving from prestage enrollment to fully enrolled

I work in a UK University and we've just started to use Jamf Pro to manage our Macs. We have a large number of machines in use which are registered in Apple School Manager. I can see that it's possible to change the Device Management to Jamf. When I ...  View more

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Since JAMF enrollment, Macbook flickers?

Hello JAMF Community,I recently got JAMF and have been trying to enroll our Macbooks, however I've recently ran into a problem; After the user signs in, all windows 'flickers', its very quick but it occurs every 5-10 seconds, going to the launchpad a...  View more

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Suppress macOS 12 Tour

In the prep for deploying macOS 12 to our shared devices this winter, I noticed that the old method of suppressing the "What's New in macOS ___" notifications does not appear to work on macOS 12. It looks like that touristd plist is no longer used on...  View more

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Blocking iOS update on cellular - iPhone

Hi,I've just had 6 iPhone blast through a couple of GBs of data each. It seems to be happening around midnight, which makes me think that it's iOS updates being downloaded. Question: is there any way in Jamf Pro to block iOS from updating on cellular...  View more

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macOS 12 Translation service

Apple has added a very cool build in translation service right into the OS but for enterprise security reasons I would like to enable and lock the On-Device Mode setting. I checked the build in config profiles on Jamf Pro and did not see anything the...  View more

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Alternative way to take a Mac through re-enrollment

So we're new to Jamf Pro and obviously we're doing trial and error on some settings (actually combination of settings) so see what it will result in. Part of this is the PreStage Enrollment settings. We need to be able to take the laptop through the ...  View more

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iOS contact restrictions

Hello All, Wondering, is there a way to restrict an application from being able to look/share contact information?Example:A user downloads Whats App on their phone, can we stop Whats App from seeing company owned contacts? But if a user wants to shar...  View more

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Jamf Pro and Apple School Manager/Apple Classroom App

I am very new to using Jamf Pro and Apple School Manager and inherited a system that, I am finding, is not always set up to work in the most efficient way. I am struggling right now with getting Classes set up appropriately in Apple School Manager an...  View more

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