Jamf Connect auto update


based on official documentation:

When a new version of Jamf Connect is available, you can upload the new PKG version to Jamf Pro and use a policy to deploy it to target computers.

Does anyone have an ingenious way to auto update Jamf Connect or is everyone defeated and manually uploading JSS packages instead?


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We are using https://github.com/scriptingosx/Installomator to autoupdate our Jamf connect and that works good for us.


@Uniarts_SE how do you deal with the login/auth req for jamf connect?
meaning, Jamf connect requires creds to download the app and there seems to be a token associated with the download link.

if you can share your example process that would be awesome, thanks!

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First, you should not expect the automatic upgrade to be attempted the first day a new version is released. There is an intentional randomness before an upgrade is attempted so don't be alarmed if your installation isn't upgraded immediately.

If you think something is not right, then first run Get-ADSyncAutoUpgrade to ensure automatic upgrade is enabled.



@user-AFABARfeEX I am not entirely sure we are talking about the same thing unless I am missing something.

I am speaking of the app itself, Jamf Connect, allowing some internal way to allow auto updates, or any way to allow auto-updates to be honest.

None of these macs are connected to AAD, only Okta LDAP