Jamf Connect login items

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We deploy the Jamf Connect app via Pre-enrollment.  Everything installs and works but the Jamf Connect app that runs in the tool bar does not get added to the login items\Run in the background until a user manually launches the app, then it adds itself to the login items.

I thought it would do that on it own, what steps should I take to enable that without user intervention.


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I thought the same too, there’s actually a package in the resources folder that you can also deploy in the pre stage.


To download the launch agent PKG, open the Jamf Connect DMG, click Resources, and then download the "JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg" file for local installation or deployment via an MDM solution.

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You need the launch daemon, JAMF does not include this automatically with JAMF Connect for whatever reason. The daemon is in the source files that you got the JAMF Connect package from.