Jamf Connect Not Renewing Kerberos Tickets

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I have "AutoRenewTickets" set to "True" in our Jamf Connect config profile, but it doesn't seem to be automatically renewing the tickets. Do we also need to configure the SSOe payload or something? Alternatively, I'm just gonna set up a launch agent to renew the ticket but that's really more of a last resort. 

Thanks, Matt


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@matt_saccento what is the Jamf Connect version you are on?

Currently have 2.15 out in the wild. 

@matt_saccento , I had that issue as well and was asking because version 2.16 fixed it.  They have this note in the Release Notes:

[PI110483] The menu bar app now correctly obtains Kerberos tickets during network change when the CheckOnNetworkChange setting is set to true.

So, once I updated the PLIST settings and pushed out the new version, it was fixed...and I know this because I had a Terminal window up, watching how fast a kerberos ticket got issued.  So, add that key into your PLIST file for Jamf Connect and push out 2.16..or the latest, 2.19.  I think you'll be pleased.  

Good luck. 

Awesome, I'll give that a shot thanks!