Jamf Connect on Mac Login Window - Wrong Password, trying to migrate to wrong account?

New Contributor III

We're just in the process of setting up Jamf Connect, and I'm finally at a point where I felt comfortable testing on my own machine as opposed to test devices.

As I already have a local account, I installed Jamf Connect and logged out and tried to sign in using the SSO login. I only have two usable local accounts on this device, my account and the local admin we use for our tech team - which is hidden during migration based on the config profile.

I get through the SSO, and Jamf Connect asks me to re-enter my Entra ID password. After that, it tells me my Entra ID password and local password are not the same, and to re-enter my local password. However, it's telling me it's wrong, and I've made certain that it's not.

I've reverted to local login for now, and checked the Jamf Connect logs, but I can't see any glaring issues. How should I fix this?