Jamf Connect Standard User

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Hey Everyone,

I have a question, We notice in our Jamf Connect test that when we push Jamf Connect out to existing users computers they are coming up as standard users for some reason and I am unsure why. 

How can we have it where all users can be admins?


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Take a look at the documentation here for more info on how to achieve this. You will also need to update the Admin role assigned in your IdP.

FWIW, it seems you are already geared up towards making everyone an admin off the rip but this can quickly become the wild west. Instead, with the latest Jamf Connect, they now have a privilege elevation that can temporarily allow a user to become an administrator, and it logs their actions taken. It's an extra click for the employee but at least they won't be rolling around with local admin 24/7 when it's not needed.

Jamf Connect - User Roles for Local Accounts 
Jamf Connect - Privilege Elevation